Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long-Distance vMotion: Updates

This is an update to the Long-Distance vMotion series I did earlier this year. If you wish to read it all, start with Long-Distance vMotion: Part 1.

The problem with blogging about technology, techniques and architectures is they change. Sometimes that change is rapid, sometimes it takes time over major releases. In a more converged world where multiple components play, they can change quite rapidly.

Since writing my Long-Distance vMotion (LDVM) series, there have been some changes. Here in lies the dilemma, do I go back and change the old articles, or do I post an update like this new entry. I could add a section to the blog with the latest analysis, called Long-Distance vMotion. Part of me feels I should leave old posts unchanged (except correcting typos and erroneous information). The other approach would be changing the old articles preserving search engine entry points that are currently sending people into the articles – they wouldn’t have to go to another place in the blog for the latest updates. I can post-date new entries, I can’t post-date new information. Which is the best approach? Let me know what you think.