Friday, February 26, 2010

Let’s Get Started

My job is a server and storage solution architect. I’ve installed supercomputers, large UNIX clusters, massive amounts of storage, huge tape libraries, complex FibreChannel  SANs and Network gear. I’ve connected all of these together as well as connect geographically remote data centers with mirroring and clustering servers for the ultimate in protection and resiliency. I’ve worked as a developer writing applications and middleware. I’ve worked for small companies, large vendors and ran my own consulting company for a while. I have something to say.

What I’m hoping to do is share some ideas and some wisdom. Servers use to consume all of my time. For that past decade, my focus has been storage. Lots of storage. Storage seems to be the ultimate consumable resource. Is yours out of control?

I intend this blog to talk at both high level abstract concepts and occasionally get deep into the weeds. Maybe you’ll find something useful.